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911 Emergency Calling  
1 Free Local Number
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Consumer Reports found that sound quality on a cordless home phone was better than any cellular device. This can be a pertinent asset if you spend a significant amount of time on the phone or if you suffer from hearing loss.


Your landline is ready when you are. No more worrying about charging. No more worrying about a bad cell signal. Just pick up and dial.


Home security systems use your telephone line to connect to an emergency call center. Although there are more options for wireless security services, these present similar challenges that cell phones do during storms or in areas with bad signal.

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Landline service without a contract. 

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The HT801 is a single port analog telephone adapter (ATA) that allows users to create a high-quality and
manageable IP telephony solution for residential and office environments. Its ultra-compact size, voice
quality, advanced VoIP functionality, security protection and auto provisioning options enable users to take
advantage of VoIP on analog phones. The HT801 is an ideal ATA for individual use.


DP750/DP720 Combo

The DP750 is a powerful DECT VoIP base station that pairs with up to 5 of Grandstream’s DP720 DECT
handsets to offer mobility to business and residential users. It supports a range of 300 meters outdoors
and 50 meters indoors to give users the freedom to move around their work or home space, delivering
efficient flexibility. This DECT VoIP base station supports up to 10 SIP accounts and 5 concurrent calls
while also offering 3-way voice conferencing, full HD audio and integrated PoE. A shared SIP account on
all handsets will add seamless unified features that gives users the ability to answer all calls regardless
of location in real-time. The DP750 supports a variety of auto-provisioning methods and TLS/SRTP/
HTTPS encryption security. When paired with Grandstream’s DP720, the DP750 offers a powerful DECT
VoIP base station that allows any business or residential user to create a cordless VoIP solution.

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