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It's so much easier to communicate with co-workers when you have a good system to rely on. It allows employees to relay important information quickly and efficiently. Our system allows your business calls to be transferred to your mobile telephone.

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We are an Authorized Reseller of Grandstream products, a leader in the VoIP and networking industry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

By definition, VoIP can't work if the internet is down—after all, it works through internet protocol.

The best business VoIP phone system is, simply put, the one that gives your organization everything it needs for the most reasonable price. This is especially true if what you're looking for is the best small business phone system.

Yes, you can keep your number.

It could if your internet connection is bad or slow to begin with. But if you have an excellent internet connection, then VoIP will barely make a dent on your internet speed.

A VoIP phone system is cheaper than a traditional landline, and this is why: VoIP lets you rely on your existing internet service. Having internet-based telephony makes your office PBX more affordable in the following ways:

Using your internet connection for phone calls means you won't have to pay for a separate system that uses specialized hardware (that you'd need to make space for at your office) and requires you to pay expensive fees for additional lines.

Hosted VoIP solutions give you the benefit of not needing to spend on IT (information technology) support and maintenance because the provider will be handling that from their own data centers.

The virtual nature of this type of phone system ensures that long-distance calls within the same country can cost the same as local calls and that international calls won't cost as much as overseas calls using traditional lines.

It’s possible for you to use a normal phone—that is to say, a traditional landline phone—with VoIP. What you'll need is an analog telephone adapter (ATA), also known as a VoIP internet phone adapter, that’s been configured to work with us. Just plug it into your modem or broadband cable and hook up your analog phone to that device to make it compatible with VoIP technology.


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